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Maybe Hollywood has tainted the majority of people into thinking Pawn Shops are filthy, dim lit establishments that deal in stolen property, machine guns and laundered money from the drug lords.

This is far from the truth.  In fact Pawn Shops are a very highly regulated business, with federal, state and local laws that cover all the transactions that happen.  For those that refuse to follow the rules, they lose their license to pawn. That has happened to one old time pawner here in Arkansas City, KS.  He now is a PAW SHOP, his answer was to paint over the “N” on his pawn sign!  The running joke now is he tries to get his paws on everything.

I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Darrin Green and I have been running a pawn business since 2011.  I originally went into business April 1, 2008 as a firearms shop called Double Eagle Firearms, 104 S Summit St, Arkansas City, KS 67005.  As a few years passed, I learned that firearm sales die off from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  That is 1/3 of a year that nobody really wants to buy a gun or ammo or anything hunting related.  So I began searching for another income stream… that is how I got into the loan business.  Something to help during the long summer months.  What I did not expect was such a huge turn in business.  I changed my FFL (Federal Firearms License) into a Class 2 Pawn FFL, and amended the name on the license to Double Eagle Firearms & Pawn, thus began the exciting world of loaning out money.

Many people think the exciting part is seeing all the things that come into the store.  And I like seeing everything, but that is not what excites me.  What truly excites me is when a customer comes in to make a payment and says “Thank You”.  Believe it or not I get told thank you several times a day.  You see, my little business just helped someone buy their tags for their car so they can drive to work, helped pay a utility bill, allowed them to take a girlfriend out on a date, and yes even go gambling and buy some cigarettes or beer.  I do not look at their credit score, work history, nor do I care how they spend the money they borrow.  I simply look at what they have to offer as collateral.  We agree on a price for a loan value and the customer has a choice of picking the item back up plus some interest, or leaving the item in which case I put it out for sale to get my money back.

So here comes the whole, “You just want to keep our stuff” argument.  The short and simple answer is NO, I DO NOT!  I would much rather you come pick your item and repay the loan.  Cash Out and Cash back into the drawer.  Simple.  But if I get stuck with the item there is the whole putting it on the shelf and waiting for someone to come buy it.  I would rather be able to loan out the money and make more interest.

So as the days go by I hope to explain more about the pawn industry. The precious metals markets, how the City of Arkansas City adopted some of our ideas and much more.  Visit my website at www.DEFirearms.com for more infomation or email at info@defirearms.com.

Thanks for letting me use some of your time.



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