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Cash for Gold, Silver & Platinum…how does that work?


There are a lot of places that you can go to get cash or a loan for your gold, silver and platinum in Arkansas City, KS. I recommend you come see the CERTIFIED Gold, Silver and Platinum Experts at Double Eagle Pawn.

My goal is to educate you about the price of gold so that you understand what your precious valuables are really worth.

Below we have outlined some of the basic things you should know about gold selling and the different karats:

  • 10k gold = 41.7% pure gold
  • 14k gold = 58.5% pure gold
  • 18k gold = 75.0% pure gold
  • 21k gold = 87.5% pure gold
  • 24k gold = 99.9% pure gold

All of the above karats are assuming the gold is plumb (meaning the gold is the exact karat it is supposed to be).

Did you know that market price of gold is based on 24 karat gold?  What this means is that if the spot price of gold today were $1,000 per ounce, the only karat worth that is 24 because it is basically 100% pure gold.  To figure out what the other karats are worth, you just take today’s market price times the different karat gold percentages above.

For example. (Assuming gold is $1,000 per ounce today)

  • 10k gold = $417/ounce ($1,000 multiplied by 0.417) $13.36/gram ($417 divided by 31.2) $20.85/dwt ($417 divided by 20)
  • 14k gold = $585/ounce ($1,000 multiplied by 0.585) $18.75/gram ($585 divided by 31.2) $29.25/dwt ($585 divided by 20)
  • 18k gold = $750/ounce ($1,000 multiplied by 0.75) $24.04/gram ($750 divided by 31.2) $37.50/dwt ($750 divided by 20)
  • 21k gold = $875/ounce ($1,000 multiplied by 0.875) $28.04/gram ($875 divided by 31.2) $43.75/dwt ($875 divided by 20)
  • 24k gold = $1,000/ounce ($1,000 multiplied by 0.999) $32.05/gram ($1,000 divided by 31.2) $50/dwt ($1,000 divided by 20)

Now that you see and understand what your gold is really worth, there are a few factors to consider when selling your gold.

  • First of all, no one gets paid these prices, not even us! There are fees everybody in the industry pays to refiners to sell gold and they range from 2-5%.
  • Second, more often than not gold is under karatted. This means that a piece that is 14 karat gold, which is supposed to be 58.5% gold, actually may be 56%. Basically, this means that someone mixed the item with a little less gold than they should have.
  • Lastly, is our fee. We need to make something on every transaction otherwise we would not be in business.
  • With this basic understanding of how to sell gold, you will immediately realize a good offer from a bad one. Before you jump at the next “Cash for Gold” ad, give us a call. Just because a place has a “We Buy Gold” sign in the window,  or runs ads on TV and is full of expensive jewelry for sale, does not mean they pay very well for precious metals.
  • To find out what we are paying today, pick up the phone and call the certified experts at Double Eagle Pawn 620-442-4868.

Helping you buy gold and silver, or sell gold and silver.  We loan on and pay cash for gold, silver and platinum.  If you want to exchange your precious metals for cash or if you are interested in buying precious metal or coins as an investment, come on in and visit.

We Are Located At:

Double Eagle Pawn – 104 S Summit St, Arkansas City, KS 67005 United States 620-442-4868

Double Eagle Firearms & Pawn serves the communities of Arkansas City KS, Winfield KS, Cedar Vale KS, Dexter KS, Burden KS, Rock KS, Atlanta KS, Udall KS, South Haven KS, Douglass KS, Wellington KS, Mulvane KS, Wichita KS, Derby KS, Caldwell KS, Udall KS, Newkirk OK, Blackwell OK, Kildare OK, Kaw City OK, Ponca City OK, and several other great Kansas & Oklahoma localities.

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